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World Class Education and Business Strategies

Welcome to a world where educational aspirations and business acumen converge.


WestPath Maple specializes in crafting bespoke educational experiences for International students, facilitating every step of your Canadian academic endeavor.


Simultaneously, we empower small and medium-sized businesses with strategic consultancy services, delivering financial, managerial, and IT excellence.


Our comprehensive approach ensures that students and businesses alike thrive in the competitive landscapes they are destined to lead. Engage with WPM for a partnership that transcends borders and expectations.

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Compass to Global Education in Canada

At WestPath Maple, we unlock the doors to Canadian higher education for Indonesian scholars. Our Education Consultancy Services are a bridge to a world of opportunities in the heart of Canada.


From meticulously crafting your college application to securing your student visa, we are at the helm of your academic journey. We don't stop at your acceptance letter; our onboarding services include airport pickup, accommodation setup, and a comprehensive orientation to Canadian culture and systems.


With WPM, your dream of studying in Canada is within reach, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.


Strategic Corporate Growth & Human Capital Development

WestPath Maple is at the forefront of providing advisory in strategic corporate growth, offering a suite of Business Management Consultancy & Training Services designed to propel small and medium enterprises to new heights.


Our consultancy expertise delivers bespoke solutions in financial and business management, while our training programs are meticulously crafted to hone in-demand IT and project management skills. Partner with WPM for a competitive edge, where unparalleled service meets the pursuit of excellence.

Global Vision, Canadian Expertise

Choosing WPM means selecting a partner vested in your global success with strong presence in Canada.

We are the custodians of your journey through Canada's top-tier education system, and the architects of your business's ascent within its vibrant economy.

Our local expertise in the Canadian realm, combined with a global perspective, positions us to curate education and business strategies that resonate on the most advance .


With WPM, benefit from a collaboration that understands the pulse of Canadian education and the rhythm of global business.

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