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At WestPath Maple, we're dedicated to unlocking potential and driving success. Our bespoke services in education and business consultancy are designed to guide, educate, and transform. Discover how our expertise can be your advantage.

Lecturing classroom

Education Services

Finding the right Canadian education institution can be complex for Indonesian students. WestPath Maple navigates this process, ensuring a smooth educational transition. From selecting the right institution to adapting to life in Canada, WestPath Maple is here to provide guidance and support.

Tax Filing Services

Tax season can be overwhelming for individuals, students and businesses alike. WestPath Maple provides expert tax filing services to ensure accuracy and maximize returns.

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Business Meeting

Business Management Services

Developing a strategic roadmap can be daunting for SMEs. Similarly, expanding your product distribution in Canada can also be challenging. WestPath Maple provides insights and guidance to foster growth and efficiency..

Training & Certification Services

Professional development is crucial but finding the right training can be challenging. WestPath Maple offers specialized training programs to enhance skills and performance.

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Digital Products For Business

Finding the right tools for day to day business operation can be time consuming. WestPath Maple offers ready to use digital products to accelerate your workflow and increase your productivity effectively.

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