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Education Services

Embrace the opportunity to study in Canada, one of the best countries for education. WestPath Maple specializes in guiding Indonesian students through every step of their Canadian educational journey.

Image by Sean Lee

Canada: A Global Leader in Education

Ranked 4th globally for education and 7th for studying abroad, Canada is a beacon of academic brilliance. Our consultancy makes this world-class education accessible, helping you start a promising career in a nation celebrated for its agility and innovation.

Foundation for

a World-Class Career

With Canada as the 2nd best country to start a career, we prepare you for a future filled with possibilities. Our services align your academic goals with Canada's dynamic and innovative environment.


A Culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Canada stands as a hub of global innovation (ranked 15th) and entrepreneurial mindset (5th). Our services connect Indonesian students with these opportunities, fostering an environment for unparalleled growth.

Education  Excellence and Agility

With Canada's ranking as the 2nd best country for agility, we help students immerse in an education system that is adaptive, innovative, and aligned with global standards.

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