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Your Academic Ascent-Customized for Success

At WPM, we understand that each student's path to success is unique. That's why we've created tiered service levels to cater to your individual needs on the path to Canadian higher education.

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Canadian Education Information

We provide an extensive information about Canadian higher education. 

Canadian Business, Economy & Technology News

We also provide news about Canadian business, economy and technology  news that relate with education.  

Information about Canadian Colleges and Universities

If you are looking for information about Canadian colleges and universities, we have them for you.

Canadian Immigration

We provide updates about the latest Canadian immigration news and their impacts for international students.

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Exclusive Insights

Blog Post

Access to our exclusive blog post content.


Access to our exclusive analysis content.

College / University
Application Forms

Access to college/university application forms.

Canadian Immigration

Access to various Canadian immigration forms. 



Comprehensive Assistance

Analysis of Canadian Immigration Policies & News 

In-depth analysis of  Canadian Immigration policy and Canadian business and technology news.

Assistance on Student Application Processes

Assistance in Student Application processes to Canadian colleges / universities

Assistance on Canadian Visa and Student Permit

Assistance in getting Visa and Student Permit.

Local Canadian

Assistance in getting temporary local Canadian insurance before student get MSP insurance from Canada and New Student Arrival Information kit.



The Complete Experience

Pickup Services at
Canadian Airport

Pickup services at Canadian Airport and assistance for student presence report to the Indonesian Consulate General.

Getting Government Services 

Assistance for getting SIN number, Provincial ID, Canadian health insurance through MSP, and student tax report filing for 1st year.

Getting Essential

Assistance in opening a Canadian bank account, Internet Access, Mobile Cellular and Compass Card.

Getting Local

Student support in Canada for 6 month and guidance in getting student housing/apartment.

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