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Certification Preparation for PMP (Project Management Professional) 

Our PMP Certification Preparation training course is the key to unlocking your potential.

From best practices and proven methodologies to industry-standard frameworks and governance models, our course covers everything you need to succeed in project management.

Our course provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to optimize your project workflows, increase project success rates, and ultimately pass the PMP exam. 


This PMP course covers the processes, models, methods and artifacts highlighted in the PMBOK Guide - 6th Edition, the latest PMBOK 7th Edition and aligns with the latest PMP Examination Content Outline 2021, complete with PMP exam practices.


Led by experienced instructors who have more than 15 years of hands-on experience in managing both predictive & agile projects and helping professionals with the PMP® exam. 

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Elevate Your Organization's Ability to Deliver Project Outcomes

Key Challenges for  Organizations

In today’s complex business landscape, corporate teams in both the private and public sectors face multifaceted challenges. From meeting stringent project deadlines to optimizing resource allocation, the demands for project management excellence have never been higher.


Without the right expertise, projects can suffer from delays, budget overruns, and scope creep, leading to diminished stakeholder confidence and potential revenue loss.

The Solution

PMP Certification stands as the gold standard for project management excellence. It equips professionals with the tools, techniques, and methodologies needed to drive successful project outcomes.


The PMP credential signifies a thorough understanding of the global language of project management and is recognized as a benchmark of quality across industries.

The Needs

Corporate customers need robust, adaptive project management skills within their teams to navigate these challenges effectively. There's a pressing need for a standardized approach to project management that enhances efficiency, communication, and execution.


This requires team members to be not just well-versed in project management principles but also certified in applying industry-recognized best practices.

How We Can Help

Our comprehensive PMP Certification Training Program is meticulously designed to cover all the essentials your team needs to pass the PMP exam and apply these skills practically.


With WPM’s expert instructors, interactive learning modules, and extensive exam prep resources, we ensure your team is ready to lead and succeed in any project environment. Partner with us at WPM, and let's build the project management acumen of your workforce together.

Partner with us at WestPath Maple, and let's develop the project management skills of your workforce together.

Unlock Your Project Management Potential with PMP Certification

Key Challenges for  Organizations

Aspiring individuals, students, and professionals in today's competitive landscape are striving to stand out and advance their careers. The challenge lies in distinguishing oneself in a sea of talent and securing roles that demand not just knowledge, but proven expertise in project management.


Without a recognized certification, it can be difficult to demonstrate the skills required to lead projects effectively and efficiently.

The Solution

The Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification is the answer to these needs. It is the most sought-after certification for project managers worldwide, signifying a deep understanding of project management principles and a commitment to excellence.


PMP Certification opens doors to higher salary prospects, greater job opportunities, and recognition as a skilled project manager.

The Needs

There is a critical need for a credential that validates one's ability to manage projects with proficiency and professionalism. Aspiring professionals require a certification that is globally recognized and respected by the employers across industries.

They need a structured learning path that equips them with the latest project management methodologies and best practices to enhance their employability and career prospects.

How We Can Help

Our expert-led PMP Certification Training Program is designed to provide comprehensive coverage of the PMBOK® Guide and other exam essentials. We offer a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights, ensuring you're well-prepared for the PMP exam and beyond.


With our personalized support, extensive study materials, and flexible learning options, WestPath Maple is your partner in achieving PMP Certification and taking your career to new heights.

Join us, and let's embark on this transformative journey together.

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What's included?

Unmatched Features 


Aligned With PMI's Latest PMP Exam Outline

Comprehensive training fully aligned with the latest version of the PMP exam’s objectives and the 6th & 7th Editions of the PMBOK Guide. 


High-Quality Comprehensive Training Material

Our PMP Training Materials consist of more than 21 Lessons with more than 25 downloadable PDF files


PMI's Accredited
35 PDUs 

Upon completing the training program, you will get an accredited 35 PDU (Professional Development Unit), which makes you eligible to take the PMI's PMP exam.


PMP Exam Question

Access to more than 1,200 PMP online exam question simulations that help students prepare themselves to pass the PMP exam.

Our Qualified Trainers

Hands-On Expertise in
Project Management

Our instructors have extensive domain knowledge and hands-on experience in real world project management, in both waterfall and agile methods.

Personalized Learning Management System (LMS)

Allows participants to have a structured learning experience and access course materials for 6 (six) months.

Support for
PMP Certification Eligibility  

WestPath Maple also provides supports to you in registering for PMP certification eligibility to PMI.   

Download Syllabus

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